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Marijuana Seed. Australia has experienced a significant shift in medical cannabis laws in recent years, with a growing push to legalize recreational cannabis.

With more than 7-million active cannabis users and counting, Australia is on the cusp of a green wave. However, finding information on buying cannabis seeds in Australia from reputable seed banks is still hazy — until now.

Additionally, you’ll gain insight into:

  • Tips for growing cannabis seeds in Australia
  • The best cannabis seeds to buy in Australia

Ultimate Guide on Buying Cannabis Seeds in Australia

As cannabis laws are constantly evolving worldwide, it’s always prudent to check local laws for any relevant updates. Join us as we dive into the topic of buying marijuana seeds in Australia legally, safely, and with maximum ease. Furthermore, you learn all about Australia’s cannabis history, recent laws, cannabis culture, and, of course, the best marijuana seed banks that serve Australia and its residents.

Benefits of Growing Cannabis in Living Soil

The best kinds of living soil for weed will give you so many benefits that you’ll never want to go back to synthetic nutrients.

benefits of living soil for cannabis

Healthier and More Resilient Plants

Weed plants grown on synthetic nutrients often look so stressed out that it’s almost pathetic. Organically-grown cannabis, on the other hand, looks thriving, vibrant, and has such a robust health that it’s naturally resistant to diseases and pests.

Bigger Yields

It’s true that adding synthetic nutrients in exact proportions brings the most abundant yields, but it’s very difficult to strike the right balance for that. Odds are that you’ll either overfeed or underfeed your ladies or provoke some kind of deficiency or lockout. Using living soil for weed protects you from these dangers, resulting – and here’s the kicker – in higher yields.

Cleaner Smoke

Cannabis grown with artificial nutrients builds up salts that make the smoke harsh and chemical-tasting. This requires a long flush for the taste to improve.

Better Use of Resources

As a grower, you’ll be saving a lot of money on growing medium, nutrients, and water. Pots with living soil can (and should) be reused, and you don’t need to follow the standard advice of watering ‘til at least 20% runs off. Forget about this kind of waste forever – just water the pots to saturation and stop.

Marijuana Seed

High quality Marijuana/Cannabis/weed seeds located in Australia | Outdoor & indoor genetics | Locally grown seeds & imports available | Australian cannabis seed store founded in 2020 with the motive to supply Australia’s starved and neglected cannabis seed market due to our own experiences. At Gold Gardens we aim to remove the frustration Australian growers face in such a strangled market and provide easy & open access to what should have always been available to us to begin with.

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