Is Weed Legal in Russia?


Is Weed Legal in Russia. The use of cannabis for medical or recreational purposes remains prohibited. However, this has not resulted in significant changes in this field.

The Russian Federation is far from a marijuana free-for-all, and both medical and recreational cannabis are illegal in the country. 

Bryun also stated that 1-3% of people smoking cannabis develop severe psychosis, including schizophrenia (an assertion not supported by science) and thus “legalization is out of the question in this case.” 

Two years earlier, the head of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs’ anti-drug administration stated that the ministry does not support marijuana legalization, including for medical purposes. 

How do Russians generally view marijuana?

Not only the government, but a vast majority of citizens also oppose cannabis legalization (The Cannigma)

2003 country profile by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime found that cannabis “remains the most abused drug,” and that Russian authorities estimate that cannabis grows wild in the country over a million hectares. 

The survey also found that only 17% of 18-24 year olds and 13% of 25-34 year olds support legalization. 

Rallies for cannabis legalization have been the subject of police repression, including a 2004 march in Moscow, in which police detained 65 out of 200 participants.

What Russian law permits medical patients?

The country does not allow medical marijuana and it is unlikely that this will change anytime soon. A 2017 article reported that Russia’s Deputy Health Minister Dmitry Kostennikov has stated that cannabis is a highly dangerous drug and that “the harm which this drug causes is evident.

What are the main laws in Russia?

The primary and fundamental statement of laws in the Russian Federation is the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Statutes, like the Russian Civil Code and the Russian Criminal Code, are the predominant legal source of Russian law.

Visiting Russia – can you buy or bring marijuana products?

While Russia’s criminal code has technically decriminalized the possession of up to 6 grams of cannabis, tourists would probably be ill-advised to put too much trust in the letter of the law. Anyone detained by police with cannabis – including less than 6 grams – could face abuse, a demand for a bribe, and all types of other legal hassles until they are released.

In addition, consuming cannabis or trying to purchase it in public could be a risky endeavor that may not only draw the ire of the police, but also everyday Russian civilians.  However, it would be extremely unwise to attempt to bring cannabis in any form into Russia.

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