Is Weed Legal in Albania?


Is Weed Legal in Albania. Albania is one of the largest illicit producers of marijuana in Europe, but this has not had an effect on the country’s laws regarding cannabis.

Cannabis laws in Albania

Medical: Illegal
Recreational: Illegal

Albania does not have a recreational or medical marijuana program and even small amounts of marijuana for personal use can be penalized by significant jail time. Albania is one of the largest illicit producers of marijuana in Europe, but this has not had an effect on the country’s laws regarding cannabis. 

Do people in Albania smoke weed?

Albania is Europe’s biggest cannabis producer. Do most Albanians smoke their cannabis or do they just export it? You would be surprised to know that consumption of drugs of any kind in Albania is extremely low (compared to other countries).

Possible penalties

Under Albanian law, growing, selling, giving, or possessing cannabis in any form is illegal and can carry a jail sentence of 5 – 10 years. The law makes an exception for small doses for personal use, though what qualifies as a small dose is not explicitly defined and is determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Albania medical marijuana

Albania has no medical marijuana program. 

In July 2022, the government introduced a bill that would allow for the cultivation and selling of medical cannabis, but only for export. This means residents would be allowed to grow medical weed, but not sell or consume it within the country. The bill is currently open for public comment and has faced severe opposition from the opposing political party. 

CBD regulations

CBD exists in a legal grey area in Albania, as the country does not have specific regulations on the cannabinoid. There is a distinction between hemp and marijuana plants, though hemp cultivation is not legal yet. You can find certain CBD products for sale online and in-store in the country. 

Can you grow your own weed?

Legally, you cannot grow your own cannabis plants in Albania, but in practice, the country is one of the largest cannabis cultivators in Europe. 

Visiting Albania – can you buy or bring marijuana products?

There is no legal way to buy cannabis in Albania, but the country is a hotspot of cultivation and exportation, and thus has a thriving black market. You may be able to purchase cannabis products from the right person, but keep in mind that possession is illegal and these products are unregulated and untested. 

Do not bring cannabis into Albania. Crossing international borders with cannabis is considered drug trafficking which carries far harsher penalties than possession. 

Is Weed Legal in Albania

Buy Marijuana or Cannabis Online from trusted Weed dealers In Albania area or locally. TIRANA, Albania (AP) — The Albanian Parliament on Friday legalized cannabis for medical purposes in a country once known as a European crossroads for marijuana trafficking. The Parliament voted 69-23 to allow limited and controlled growth of cannabis plants, a move harshly contested by the opposition.

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