Cannabis laws in Moldova


Cannabis laws in Moldova. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Cannabis in Moldova is illegal but decriminalized. Simple drug use is not a crime in the Republic of Moldova, but it is an administrative offence according to Article 85 of the Administrative Offences Code passed in 2008.

Is CBD Legal in Moldova?

In Moldova, CBD is not explicitly regulated under the country’s drug laws. However, since it is derived from cannabis, CBD products may still be considered illegal by Moldovan authorities. It is advisable to exercise caution when using or purchasing CBD products in Moldova.

Are drugs illegal in Moldova?

There is a zero tolerance policy for possessing or supplying any drugs. While legislation stipulates that fines are possible for drug use/supply, in practice possession of even small quantities of drugs (Class B/C drugs as well as Class A) could result in long prison terms in addition to heavy fines.

Is it legal to take CBD to USA?

So according to the TSA, you may travel with CBD if its THC content is under that 0.3% threshold. (And, of course, if the amount you’re carrying conforms to the usual 3-ounce limit that applies to all liquids and lotions.) The TSA says it’s not interested in policing illegal drugs.

What is the drug problem in Moldova?

Moldova is a source and transit country for synthetic drugs, with criminal networks producing the drugs for export into Ukraine and Russia. MDMA is widely consumed throughout the country and many users are currently addicted to synthetic drugs.

Cannabis laws in Moldova

Medical: illegal
Recreational: decriminalized 

While cannabis is not legal for recreational or medical use in Moldova, drug use has been decriminalized. Consuming cannabis is an administrative offense, not a criminal charge. Simple possession of cannabis in small amounts for personal use is punishable by a fine or community service. 

CBD regulations

CBD exists in a legal gray area in Moldova. It is not explicitly legal and CBD is considered a cannabis product. However, you can find CBD products for sale online. 

Moldova is not a part of the EU, and does not have to recognize the 2020 EU Court ruling that determined CBD and its products were not narcotics, so “a country of the European Union cannot prohibit the marketing of cannabidiol legally produced in another member state.”

Can you grow your own weed?

No, growing cannabis plants is illegal in Moldova. 

Visiting Moldova – can you buy or bring marijuana products?

Since drug use is decriminalized, you may be able to find cannabis during your visit to Moldova. However, any flower or product you purchase will be through the illicit market, so caution is advised. Do not attempt to cross international borders with any kind of cannabis, as this can be considered drug trafficking, even if just for personal use. 

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