Cannabis laws in Andorra


Cannabis laws in Andorra. In Andorra, the cannabis laws are strict, and the trafficking, possession, and consumption of marijuana can result in detention, fines, expulsion from the country, and prison sentences. Tourists visiting Andorra should not travel with marijuana on their person, even if they legally acquired it in another jurisdiction.

Is CBD Oil legal in Andorra?

CBD in Andorra
CBD products exist in somewhat of a legal grey area in Andorra
. Hemp and CBD are not separated legally from cannabis plants that contain THC, and there are no laws that govern CBD.

Is cannabis legal in Brunei?

Possession and use of cannabis and its resin is strictly prohibited in Brunei, both obtaining maximum sentences of 10 years and/or a USD$20,000 fine. Table: Cannabis/resin quantities (g = grams) that warrant each sentence within multiple drug categories (left vertical column). As outlined in the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Which country has the best cannabis laws?

Best Weed-Friendly Countries for Travel in 2023

  • 1 Argentina: where Medical Marijuana is free. …
  • 2 Chile: the highest per-capita use of cannabis in Latin America. …
  • 3 Colombia: softies on the green stuff. …
  • 4 Uruguay: the first country to legalize medical and recreational cannabis nationwide.

Cannabis laws in Andorra

Medical: Illegal
Recreational: Illegal

Cannabis is not legal for recreational or medicinal purposes in Andorra. However, it does border both France and Spain, both of which have larger concentrations of cannabis consumers. 

To the south, Andorra borders the Catalonia region of Spain, which has the most liberal cannabis laws in the country, as well as a network of members-only cannabis clubs. To the north, Andorra borders France, which has one of the highest populations of cannabis consumers in Europe.  Unusually, tobacco remains more popular than weed in Andorra. The country is a large tobacco exporter with 31.8% of adults reporting they smoke tobacco products. 

Andorra medical marijuana program 

Andorra does not have a medical cannabis program. In July 2021, three research institutes began a collaborative study to “analyze and define a model” for a medical cannabis program, under the guidance of the government. 

CBD in Andorra

CBD products exist in somewhat of a legal grey area in Andorra. Hemp and CBD are not separated legally from cannabis plants that contain THC, and there are no laws that govern CBD. 

In 2020, the EU Court ruled that CBD products are not considered narcotics or drugs so “a country of the European Union cannot prohibit the marketing of cannabidiol legally produced in another member state.” However, Andorra is not a member of the European Union, relying instead on free movement and trade agreements. CBD cosmetic products can be sold in the country, provided that they are approved by the EU and produced in another country. 

A quick internet search pulls up various options for CBD stores throughout the country. 

Can you grow your own weed?

No, you cannot legally grow cannabis products for medical or recreational consumption in Andorra. 

Visiting Andorra – can you buy or bring marijuana products?

Don’t count on being able to buy cannabis products during a visit to Andorra. While there is undoubtedly a black market for weed as there is in all countries without a legal market, the country heavily favors tobacco over cannabis. 

Do not bring cannabis products into Andorra. Crossing international borders with cannabis can be considered drug trafficking, which can land you in an Andorra prison for up to two years.

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