Is weed legal in Sweden?


Is weed legal in Sweden. The country approved medical marijuana in 2012, but the program is highly restrictive. In 2017, the country approved two licenses for patients to use a low THC strain of cannabis for chronic pain. Dronabinol and Sativex are available on a strict case by case basis. In Sweden both drug use and possession are illegal.

What is the penalty for weed possession in Sweden?

No, Sweden has not decriminalized the use of cannabis. Possession of small amounts for personal consumption will attract a fine or imprisonment of up to six months.

Can you get Delta 8 in Sweden?

You can buy Delta 8 hash in Sweden, in addition to many other Delta 8 products.

Can I bring weed to Sweden?

Never travel internationally with medical marijuana in any form. Marijuana is illegal in many countries, including Sweden. Students with a U.S. prescription for marijuana can be arrested, prosecuted, and deported if in possession of any illegal substance. U.S. airports and airplanes are under federal jurisdiction.

Is weed legal in Sweden?

If you were planning a holiday to Sweden solely for smoking weed, you will be disappointed. The drug is almost completely illegal in Sweden, and you cannot use it for recreational purposes.

What Swedish law permits for medical patients

While Swedish law allows medical cannabis, it is extremely difficult to find products (Shutterstock)

Though Sweden did approve medical marijuana in 2012, it has been a difficult and complicated road forward over the past decade. Only five years later did the country’s Medical Products Agency approve the use of medical cannabis for two local patients. 

The flower approved for use was low THC only, and the government decision followed a long, drawn out struggle.

Who qualifies for medical cannabis in Sweden?

In Sweden, cannabis preparations like Sativex and Marinol can be prescribed by a licensed physician, but cannabis flower must be approved on a case-by-case basis by the Swedish Medical Products Agency. 

Can you grow your own weed?

Cannabis cultivation is illegal in Sweden even if you are a medical cannabis patient, though the Supreme Court has ruled that cultivation for personal use is a minor drug offense. 

Visiting Sweden – can you buy or bring marijuana products?

It is not permitted to bring cannabis into Sweden and the country will not recognize a medical cannabis prescription from a separate jurisdiction or allow the use or transport of cannabis covered under the license. 

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