Is Weed Legal in Spain?


Is Weed Legal in Spain. Possession of cannabis is illegal in Spain, but is typically only enforced in public. For personal use and cultivation at home, cannabis is decriminalized. The country allows a certain level of autonomy by region, and in Catalonia, the country has “cannabis clubs” which resemble the coffee shops of Amsterdam, with a similar vague level of legality. Medical marijuana operates in a similarly vague sphere, and varies by region. The country doesn’t have a nationwide legal medical marijuana program.

Cannabis clubs and marijuana laws in Spain

Spain’s cannabis clubs present another unique and rather confusing ripple to the legal status of marijuana in the country. 

Spain’s cannabis clubs are establishments similar to the coffee shops of Amsterdam. While they are not technically legal, they operate under the loophole of private consumption. However, these clubs have a few key differences from coffee shops.

Is Weed Legal in Spain?

Yes, Spain has decriminalized the personal use of cannabis, but the rules can vary depending on the autonomous community. Generally, the possession and consumption of cannabis for personal use in private spaces are decriminalized.

How much weed is legal in Spain?

There is no specific legal amount of weed that you can carry for personal use but possession of large amounts of marijuana (more than 100 grams) can result in criminal charges. You are allowed to cultivate up to two cannabis plants, as long as they are away from public view.

What cities in Spain can you smoke weed?

The 3 best summer destinations in Spain to enjoy marijuana

  • Barcelona. In Barcelona it is possible to consume marijuana if you are a member or access as a guest to a smoking club. …
  • Girona. In this province it is also allowed to consume marijuana in smoking clubs. …
  • Tarragona.

How much is 1g of weed in Spain?

The price of marijuana can vary from club to club, but in general you can get it between €8-25 per gram. The price of 1g of marijuana can vary significantly from club to club.

Price of marijuana in Spain

As there are no legal avenues to accessing cannabis, the prices of marijuana in Spain can vary widely. Buying your cannabis from a cannabis club is less expensive than the black market, with prices at clubs starting around $8 per gram. Owing to the large tourist market, cannabis in Spain is usually less expensive than the rest of the EU. With no legal oversight, this pricing also comes with wide variations in quality. 

Foreigners and marijuana in Spain

Foreigners can absolutely access cannabis in Spain. With the proliferation of cannabis clubs and the legal allowances for privately owned plants, it’s easier than in many other places to get cannabis. However, it will require some local knowledge and connections. Finding dealers may prove a challenge, as well as gaining membership to the cannabis clubs without a member’s recommendation. 

The Cannabis Clubs 

In recent years, Spain has rivaled the Netherlands as a European center of available cannabis, by way of the country’s cannabis clubs. These clubs are found all over the country, with a large concentration in Catalonia. 

Popular with locals and tourists alike, Spain’s cannabis clubs occupy a sort of legal gray area much like the coffee shops of the Netherlands. Because Spanish law does not ban private consumption, and the clubs have been considered private organizations, they have been able to more or less operate freely. At the same time, the actual growing, transporting, and processing of the marijuana that is available at the clubs is not legal. 

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