Is weed legal in Norway?


Is weed legal in Norway. As of today, the only cannabis-based medication available for patients in Norway is Sativex, though patients can apply to use products like Marinol and Cesamet. It is unclear how many patients actually receive medical cannabis in the country, but the program is typically described as being very restrictive, with little to no actual access to cannabis. 

Is weed legal in Norway?

Yes, cannabis is legal in Norway but restricted to medical use only. Norway has some very strict cannabis laws. There exists a thriving illicit market for cannabis in Norway nonetheless.

Can you bring weed to Norway?

It is illegal to bring marijuana into Norway, even if it is for medicinal purposes and you have a prescription in your country of residence.

What happens if you get caught smoking weed in Norway?

In the most serious cases, you can receive the maximum prison sentence in Norway for involvement with marijuana — which is up to 21 years. And if you have what the authorities deem to be “very substantial” amounts of weed in your possession, you can land yourself jail time of up to 15 years.

Penalties for cannabis offenses in Norway

Though it failed for now, the entire decriminalization process is perhaps counterintuitive for a country that has what are on paper quite strict drug laws, that do not differentiate between hard and soft drugs.

Medical cannabis in Norway 

Since 2018, the Norwegian Medicines Agency allows doctors approved by the agency to prescribe medical cannabis for patients on a case-by-case basis. 

According to the Norwegian Medicines Agency, the doctor must send an application for approval to the agency, but does not need to contact the Norwegian Directorate of Health for approval. 

How do Norwegians generally view marijuana?

Norway has an official medical cannabis system, but its access is extremely limited and prescriptions are difficult to obtain (Wikimedia)

2021 study took a nationwide sample of 49,688 university and college students and found that 15.3% reported past-year cannabis use, and 23% support the legalization of cannabis. In addition, 29.2% reported that they perceive cannabis as being “low risk.” That said, a 2021 study found that “proportions of past year cannabis use have increased among Norwegian adolescents in recent years.”

Is CBD legal in Norway?

It is illegal to privately import CBD products to Norway, even with a prescription. As Norway is not a member of the European Union, it does not have the same legal stance on hemp as the rest of the EU, which considers industrial hemp legal as long as it has less than 0.2% THC. 

Can you grow your own weed?

Cultivation of cannabis is illegal in Norway for any purpose – recreational or medicinal – and any arrested for cultivation could potentially face serious penalties, including a lengthy prison sentence. 

Visiting Norway – can you buy or bring marijuana products?

It is illegal to bring marijuana into Norway, even if it is for medicinal purposes and you have a prescription in your country of residence. There are no legal cannabis retail outlets in Norway, and the only way to purchase marijuana is on the underground market, and at your own risk.

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