Weed In Denmark


Weed In Denmark. While cannabis remains illegal in Denmark, possession for personal use typically results in a fine at most. For possession to be considered trafficking, the offender must have around 10kg of cannabis. Denmark legalized medical marijuana in 2018, though access has been limited and the only products available are Sativex and Marinol.

Is weed legal in Denmark?

According to Denmark’s Euphoriants Substances Act it is illegal to import, export, sell, purchase, deliver, receive, produce, and process cannabis in Denmark. While personal use is not illegal, as of 2016, with the passing of the Consolidated Act on Controlled Substances, possession of weed in Denmark became illegal as well. So while technically you can use it, you will be prosecuted if found doing so. Denmark’s laws are somewhat ambiguous and there is lots of room for interpretation.

Denmark marijuana laws: punishments and fines

First-time offenders caught with small amounts of marijuana in their possession will likely receive a warning or a small fine of 70 Euro, as it is considered a soft drug in Denmark. If you are caught with over 10 kg of weed you can expect 10-16 years jail time. Driving under the influence of cannabis? Expect to be slapped with a fine and have your driver’s license revoked. While you can’t grow cannabis, you can buy, sell and even mail seeds in Denmark. This means if you’re caught growing marijuana crops in your home, you may – or may not – be punished by law.

What happens if you get caught with weed in Denmark?

Cannabis laws in Denmark

If caught, the penalty is either a fine or imprisonment – a maximum two-year sentence. Personal use of cannabis is not listed as a crime. However, the fact that it is in your possession means it is a prosecutable offence.

Can You Buy Weed in Freetown Christiania?

Freetown Christiania is known for its rampant trade in illicit hashish. This is a small neighborhood with about 1,000 households that’s located in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Also known as The Greenlight City, Freetown’s pusher street is popular for the open trade of cannabis. However, stalls on the Pusher street were destroyed and now it’s not common to see traders openly selling weed, but they sell paintings and weed paraphernalia instead. 

Will Denmark Legalize Cannabis?

The current government in Denmark does not support the full legalization of cannabis. But with the wave of legalization sweeping through Europe and the grassroot efforts being made in Denmark by pro cannabis groups, it might just be a matter of time. 

Weed is legal in Denmark, but only for medical use. However, Denmark’s laws on cannabis are conflicting and hence subject to varying interpretations. If you are wondering whether you will be able to buy some weed as a visitor in Denmark the answer is a resounding yes. The illicit market is rife and consumption of small amounts of cannabis is decriminalized.

Weed In Denmark

Buy Cannabis/Weed/Marijuana in Denmark is a Scandinavian country  that’s most famous for its beautiful architecture. Gun violence and crime are almost unheard of in Denmark and it’s no surprise that Danes are believed to be the happiest people in the world. Denmark has 70 inhabited islands; even Copenhagen, its capital city, is an island.

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